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Six years ago my husband gave me a life-changing Christmas gift--my very first digital camera. The moment the battery was charged, I began taking photographs every single day, and I still do! Beginning with a Panasonic point and shoot, I’ve purchased a few fancier cameras through the years; currently I’m using an Olympus Pen and a Nikon D5100. That said, many of my most-beloved photos were taken with my lowly point and shoot. When I began selling my photographs, one of our four sons insisted I learn Photoshop because I would be competing against everyone who does. Ignoring his advice, I decided the natural look was more my style, so I never did learn Photoshop. Picasa, from Google, is my editing software.

People often ask me what I like to photograph and my answer is : EVERYTHING!

All photographs are available printed on archival paper in matte, glossy or lustre finish. Museum quality canvases in all sizes are available as well.

Galleries are organized loosely by genre; please click through and find your favorites. The galleries are meant to show the broad range of subjects I find interesting, however, there are lots more where these came from!

-- Gail

Photography by Gail Peck